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Dipl. Ac. Ryan Bishop L.Ac. has over 17 years of hands on healing practice and has worked with many great masters of the Healing Arts. In 2012 at the top of his class he received his Masters Degree of Oriental Medicine in the Highest Standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Then contracted in Australia and New Zealand working as the lead acupuncture physician on the Pacific Pearl Cruise Ship and had the great opportunity to conduct hundreds of natural healing seminars and TCM educational presentations to large audiences. During his time underway he was able to perfect his skills as a gentle acupuncture physician by treating thousands of patients with all types of ailments, prescribing  herbal formulas, making great contacts, and traveling around the south Pacific ocean.  He is now in Palm Beach County FL, as an acupuncture physician, Intuitive healer, Holistic Alternative Psychology Counselor, Qigong  / TaiChi instructor, nutritional health counselor, meditation & yoga guide.

Testimonials Of People Who Have Been Treated By: Dipl. Ac. Ryan Bishop L.Ac. 

“Every time I leave his office, I feel rejuvenated. My energy feels clearer and stronger. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. He has helped me tremendously. A true healer! He also does facial acupuncture which helps me look younger!! Highly recommend!”  ~ Natalie S.

“Ryan is great at what he does, he’s very knowledgeable in all things homeopathic and holistic. I will continue to use him as my acupuncturist as I trust him with my health.” ~Melissa 

“Ryan is amazing! My lower back & neck pain is chronic.The treatments I receive are life saving  Ryan has trained all around the world and it shows with many different technical treatments. What a great person, who truly cares about you and will do everything he can to bring you relief from pain!” ~Ken H.

“Ryan has been treating me for over 6 months,his treatments have brought healing to my body and mind.He is truly gifted at what he does, he really cares for your well being.Thank you Ryan you are the best.” ~ Kevin C.

These true stories are patient testimonials that we can all relate to and maybe exactly what you needed to hear before scheduling your appointment, with my office to better understand your options that are available.  We are here to increase your awareness and create overall wellness.

Dipl. Ac.Ryan Bishop L.Ac.-Acupuncture Bishop

13005 Southern Blvd. Suite 225  

Loxahatchee , FL  33470

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