Astrology Insights July 2019


Aries ( March 21 to April 20 )

You are irreplaceable; there is a story in you that needs to be told because you are the pioneer or trendsetter. Biggest changes are going to be happening in your home. There will be a big shift in your mind & attitude. You are recognizing your innate power.

Taurus ( April 21 to May 21 )

You have been chosen at this time with Uranus in your sign to help create positive change on the planet. Your mind is telling you to step out of the past, step into a very exciting future. Your sense of style, fashion or career can be maximizing. Fame and Fortune, very possible.

Gemini ( May 22 to June 21 )

Your learning capabilities are becoming stronger and better focused. Please learn to pamper your body and mind more this month, it’s way too easy to have accidents. People are going to come out of the woodwork to be in your corner. Someone new will support your dreams.

Cancer ( June 22 to July 22)

Your words are more powerful than your emotions: as you speak your visions and dreams mental weakness will leave. Hunker down, a storm can be brewing with family members because they do not understand you. Don’t fight rather do what makes you happy because your dreams will be fulfilled.

Leo ( July 23 to August 23 )

With your bright mind, wonderful spirit and natural leadership skills aim higher to achieve your goals. You are about to win big with something brand new. Somebody is going to give you an offer that is difficult to refuse. Welcome new totally achieving new friends into your life all months.

Virgo ( August 24 to September 23 )

The fact that you are a practical, solution-oriented person is going to make you successful this month. There can be an inheritance or a loan will be paid back. One way or another, rewards are going to be coming your way. Keep on believing in yourself & your dreams. Better times are coming.

Libra ( September 24 to October 23 )

This month the biggest favor you can do for yourself is to maintain personal balance. Don’t try to keep others happy because many things will be happening to create change. Just when you thought you couldn’t succeed in filling your hearts desire an angel appears with the right contacts.

Scorpio ( October 24 to November 22 )

Believe what your imagination is showing you because a new door to success has just opened. Now many will be on your side to support your dreams. Jupiter is shining in your money house, expect to make big bucks, you certainly have earned it. Travel brings rewards, have your bags packed.

Sagittarius ( November 23 to December 21 )

Jupiter in your sign is expanding all kinds of things for positive resolves. Chaos can rule at times, unexpected victories are right around the corner. Pay attention to taxes or legal issues. New associates get what you are about and it warms your heart. New love is on the horizon, enjoy!

Capricorn ( December 22 to January 20 )

Quite wondering if it will happen. Success is going to come when you least expect it. So get ready, finish the paperwork. Yes, write & publish that book. Saturn & Pluto in your sign is creating a new you. You will be picking up the pieces of your life with a grateful attitude. Expect to be in the limelight.

Aquarius ( January 21 to February 18 )

Doors are opening presenting you with many opportunities, choose what makes your heart sing. You may have 2  caresses that will provide plenty of income. Your home base can be the place to be, start a home-based career that shines a light on your genius. You may invent something new.

Pisces ( February 19 to March 20 )

Your creativity is about to maximize in a very practical way. A whimsical idea that pops into your head provides you with the answers that you have been seeking. Neptune can make you feel exhausted at times, refuse to push yourself beyond the breaking point. A new very helpful person arrives. Yeah!                                                                      Neptune in your sign can make you feel exhausted at times and yet your life keeps on getting busier. Refuse to push yourself beyond the breaking point. Somebody new is about to arrive that will bring you positive help or support in just the right way.

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