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1035 S. State Road 7, Suite 214, Wellington, Florida 33414

Americans are increasingly becoming more aware of their approach to health care and desire a more natural approach to live a life of greater health potential. What makes Acupuncture and Wellness of The Palm Beaches so much different than the rest?

Located within a setting that is private and comfortable for a personalized professional treatment, Acupuncture and Wellness of The Palm Beaches offers each patient customized care through various holistic modalities, technologies and resources. Having the versatility of treatment methods both traditional and modern sets us apart from all of the others to maximize results of both acute and deeply rooted conditions.

Licensed Acupuncture Physician, Leanne Mitchell has a history of over 18 years of combined traditional classroom study, personal interest and hands on work in the field of holistic health care and women’s health. Nourishing you through these modalities and restoring optimal health is of her highest intentions.

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