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What is Blue Green Algae?

In South Florida, Blue Green Algae has been front and center in the media over the past year or two—as a toxic pond scum. But there are over 30,000 strains of “Blue Green Algae”; the real news, IMO, are the serious health benefits of one of them, Aphanizomenon flos aquae, or AFA microalgae.

Just like there are toxic mushrooms and toxic relatives of the tomato and potato (which are members of the belladonna family), so are there both toxic and edible bluegreen algae.

The purpose of this article is to highlight one of the very best of the algae.  AFA wild edible microalgae is the epitome of what a superfood actually stands for. It has over 50 distinct nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and other phytonutrients.  In fact, bluegreen algae is quite literally the food upon which life itself has been built upon!

AFA offers nutrient complexes that cannot be duplicated in a lab.   According to Dr. Jeffrey Bruno, renowned scholar and author of the book Eat Light & Feel Bright: Microalgae Solutions for individual and Planetary Health:

”Algal species present with ‘bigger solar antenna’ possessing the ability to funnel frequencies for capturing energy from different algal pigments… These pigments have a ‘code of healing’ with some pigments having evolved into these variable color pigments reflecting oxidation and circulatory factors.  It’s as if these colors are coded for how our bodies work! With reviews on brain health it is conclusive that Dopamine apparently is directly linked to Phycoerythrocyanin – which is a unique light complex found within AFA algae and is a powerful MAOB inhibitor. (something Parkinson’s patients need help with.) BGA (blue Green Algae) has been shown to: sustain longest succession of mitochondrial cell health compared to any other nutritional support for mitochondrial function. Each of our Genetic Lineage foundations goes back to Mitochondrial DNA.  BGA because of its innate propensity to act as a ’Signaling molecule” is therefore recognized as a ‘Youthing factor’ giving up its color blue to decrease oxidative stress. Phycocyanin which is the blue green pigment in SBGA is almost a near bioidentical match to our human bodies Bilirubin components.  Bilirubin and phycocyanin are both pigments that work as core antioxidants for the life they support: Phycocyanin in Blue Green Algae and Bilirubin in humans. Bilirubin protects our immune function and is an incredibly important nutrient.”

There are books written about this most extraordinary superfood and quite a lot of research on PubMed if you search on the topic of bioremediation or blue green algae and health.  According to author Barbara Swanson of Beyond Foods: The Handbook of Functional Nutrition her definition of Superfood is this:

“A superfood is a whole food which acts as a powerhouse of concentrated nutrients, offering a lot of micronutrient nutrition for the proper growth and metabolism of a living organism.”  Swanson continues by stating “these nutrients include trace minerals, vitamins and co-vitamins.  In addition, superfoods may also have essential fatty acids (EFA’s,) essential amino acids as well as other phytonutrients such as pigments, food based antioxidants, and a host of other molecules which are only now being recognized as beneficial.”

Back in 1982 a single company began to harvest wild AFA from a freshwater lake. Since then, this wild algae has become a worldwide phenomenon.

One reason AFA algae is so unique is that it is a truly wild food. As such, it forms many powerful adaptogenic nutrients. In fact, we are beginning to realize that some food can even affect our genetic health and expression.  Science is confirming ‘what the ancients knew’ and what they ate and recommended for millennia. Ancient superfoods have an energy and as author Steve Gagne says in his book Food Energetics, “we are wired bio-genetically to what our ancient civilizations ate.”

What is super fascinating in Gagne’s review of the compilations of literature review on ancient foods is the following:. ….”Nature communicates through organileptic ways–based upon the five senses. Our genes have a memory based on thousands of years of biological adaptations. It’s called by Gagne NUTRITIONAL SOCIALIZATION. What we consume is intimate; it is what creates us. The language of food is based on unique nutrient profiles that are wired to match our biology. Ancient food nutrients are downloaded as info & transferred as details into our DNA. (New Earth) best Whole Foods co!!The basis & core teachings of Gagne is to show that these plants share with us their generous & free giving energies.

One of the first things I learned about the Wild edible microalgae is that its Earths’ first food, and as such,  I have come to understand how the algae has impacted health for so many of thousands if not billions of years.

The second vital part of health I learned being introduced to the algae is that for our health is that our physical bodies need the raw materials by which we are created in order for our beings to thrive.  Therefore, eating whole foods, exercise and a spiritual practice work hand in hand.

HOWEVER because of agricultural farming methods, complete soil deprivation, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, environmental toxins & poisons from a myriad of sources, not to mention processed foods, today’s foods lack a majority of essential micronutrients. This is what creates a must-supplement scenario. We simply do not & cannot absorb what is not available simply because it’s not there!

What some of us visionaries in this health movement ‘see,’ is an opportunity to corral their client base to not only work the body part of “mind, body, spirit” equation, but to work all 3 of these along with CORE cellular health which embodies our very existence. You see, ancient foods such as the algae and fungi, are Gods greatest alchemists.  NATURE: “Let FOODS be thy medicine & medicine be thy FOODS.”(Hippocrates) are the key to functional nutrition/functional medicine! Ultimately it is no secret that “THE SECRET to health is in nutrition and in addressing the pillars of health.

For me, using these ancient foods, from impeccable sources, is the way I align to help others.  If you are interested in helping people worldwide claim their health back and enjoy a vitality of health at the cellular level, please reach out for further info.

I can help guide people in how to choose the safest, highest quality wild algae, so as to avoid buying potentially contaminated algae, please reach out directly to ilyse August: 561-701-5088.




“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

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