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If we could choose, most of us would rather have an active, disease free life vs. a long life where years—or even decades—were spent in pain or without a quality of life to enjoy.

Much of life is out of our control. The world is complex, filled with situations many of us despair over but cannot personally change. Stress and environmental toxins are going to affect our health, regardless of our attention to personal care.

However, there is one area we can control nearly 100%–giving our body the proper nutrients needed for health. With the proper support, a body is blueprinted for health. When we are missing some—for even most—key micronutrients, your body continually “robs Peter to pay Paul”. All energy and vitality is used to repair and fix systems, leaving little energy for enthusiasm for life.

The issue is not that we don’t want to eat well. Let’s face it, we ALL get confused or overwhelmed reading a myriad of posts (many of which are actually sponsored ads for specific supplements) on social media. Articles left and right say one thing about what to eat with the next article or health leader stating another totally opposite “law” on how to achieve optimal health.

Even mainstream news media report on the power of nutrition as a core element to create and maintain health. Unfortunately, and inevitably, the current abundance of nutritional information is also used to market supplements. The resultant hype and even lies about nutrition and nutrients overwhelms us, the consumers who need and want optimal health.

A real concern for us is whether or not our physicians can offer us the expertise for our health when it comes to Hippocrates quote to Let Food Be Thy Medicine, & Medicine be thy Food. Doctors are not primarily educated in nutrition or lifestyle. Their education tends to be specialized, organ and system-specific. Looking at the whole of how health is created, and understanding the deep interrelationships of body, mind and environment is not the focus of their disease education.

For that reason, we need to be willing to step up and learn if we want true health. With addressing the need to go BEYOND a doctor visit, we must be willing then to be responsible for our lifestyle choices. Why is this important you may ask? And why are Doctors not necessarily responsible for helping to guide their patients to seek out the “functional wellness” health model? After all, their job is to find out WHAT is wrong with our bodies, but not WHY it is wrong much of the time….

We need to be able to intelligently choose the right product line to achieve the benefits we want. Due to the way our food is processed and handled, ALL beings (humans and animals) have nutritional gaps to fill. In particular, essential micronutrients that we all need to function are missing in at least 70% of the “foods” we have available to purchase.

It becomes imperative that people understand that even raw food vegans may not be gaining all that optimal nutrition that maybe yesteryear they had been by just having a super clean and ‘healthy’ diet. SO much of our food while lacking in essential enzymes and fatty acids or phytonutrients due to soil depletion/agricultural farming, are also targets of chemtrails and other environmental toxic pollutants such as radiation in our foods, and fluoride in our water systems, etc.

We MUST protect our DNA like never before, and what better methodology in doing so than wild ancient superfood energetics of fungi and seaweed/algae which have shown over millennia to affect our health at the cellular level by being able to communicate with our DNA. I am referencing a true communications connection at the cellular & biological level; we are wired not only biologically to what the ancients ate, but we are also bio-culturally and bio-energetically connected to earths’ most ancient foods: algae and fungi.

Algae, specifically AFA, is earth’s first food, and as such miraculously closely matches nearly every need a human (& even animal) may need. IT is the food upon which nutrients that life itself has been built upon in order to gain nourishment from! Ultimately it is no secret that “THE SECRET to health is in nutrition and in addressing the pillars of health. “ AFA edible WILD microalgae is a rare food, and one which science has documented has created our planet. It is NOT farmed as many of the “greens” you have heard about such as Spirulina and Chlorella. (more info on this topic in other published articles, & available upon request. You can view Wild Foods vs. Farmed foods uploaded on my Linked In page.)

What works are functional food-based supplements. This means they are based on real foods, carefully processed with low heat and no solvents, in order to retain their nutrient integrity. Many popular companies produce supplements that boast of patents and ‘high level science’. Unfortunately, many of these types of ingredients are produced using processing techniques which include high heat, solvent or ammonium baths to isolate the ‘nutrients’, or even coal tar esters. These methods often destroy the value of any quality ingredients these companies boast of using.

Mentioned previously in other articles, but surely important to reiterate: Why whole foods supplements? Because whole foods offer complexes that cannot be duplicated in a lab. Finding products which are based on the diversity of whole foods from nature, & whole food combinations, and have a broad spectrum of benefits and results is ultimately what we all should be seeking.

Look for a supplement made from a plant rather than your typical vitamin/mineral lab creations. Through the education of the powers that are inherent in Earth’s Superfoods, such as Wild Microalgae (AFA), tonic mushrooms, botanicals, probiotics, enzymes, the whole host of Chorophyll (Spirulina,) base foods, we must understand that our bodies are the true miracles, and feeding/nourishing our bodies with the best foods from earth can only help to facilitate our bodies operating at their optimal performance levels. Holistic nutritionist Rick France says it best: “A well nourished body does NOT make mistakes.” It’s also important to note that a “KITCHEN SINK” approach in formulas is also NOT the smart way as it can overwhelm the systems of the body in processing too much all at once. Formula synergy is vital.

I am not a fan of many supplements simply because they are synthesized with solvents and other chemical processes which include the use of isolated vitamins and compounds. Just because something is patented doesn’t necessarily mean it is what is best for the DNA health. Mother Nature truly does know best! Nature’s nanotechnology will win every time.

Good eating & exercise/meditation & best/most effective supplementation work hand in hand. When we are able to eat, digest & process effectively, nutrients are better assimilated & thus absorbed. The “raw materials” are all the vitamins/minerals, amino acids, omega fatty acids, etc., from what we eat. However, & this is a HUGE HOWEVER, Modern agricultural farming methods depend on toxic fertilizers (think, bomb ingredients) as the sole nutrient source for thousands of acres. Additionally, there is utter dependence on herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Add to this mix, genetically modified foods. Then on top of this, add processing and synthetic ingredients. It is no wonder that most “foods” lack minerals and other nutrient co-factors. We simply do not & cannot absorb what is not there!

I believe it’s vital to not only work the body part of “mind, body, spirit” equation, but to work all 3 of these along with CORE cellular health which embodies our very existence. You see, ancient foods such as wild edible algae and fungi are Gods greatest alchemists. Together, they created our atmosphere and terraformed our planet.

Wild edible ancient foods are really the ‘big secret’ to the best health. Ancient superfoods and food culture expert and author Steve Gagne says that the DNA of microalgae, in particular, has the very real potential to transfer information contained in the actual plant into our DNA.

Gagne explains, “The language of food is based on unique nutrient profiles that are wired to match our biology. Ancient food nutrients are downloaded as information and transferred as details onto our DNA. Our genes have memories of what we eat. Just as we have nerve impulses and nerve reactions, it is said that on a cellular level our cells have this NUTRIENT SENSING ability and we are able to create our own neurological response to what we eat.”


Immediately following college graduation as a writer, Ilyse developed herself into a seasoned Network Marketing Professional. Years later, Ilyse became a Special Needs Reading teacher with the Palm Beach County school district. It wasn’t until after losing her mother to cancer, Ilyse decided to leave teaching to become a not-for-profit Fundraising Specialist. Her focus was centered on developing a comedy/charity program, which she then successfully implemented throughout South Florida’s Improvisation Comedy Clubs. In 2013, Ilyse re-entered the industry of Professional Network Marketing, and partnered with New Earth Life Sciences, LLC., a premier and original supplier of Wild Blue Green Algae (WBGA).

Ilyse’s passion and purpose in life is to help others; She is motivated by knowing that her actions to help improve the health of people’s lives throughout South Florida and beyond will ultimately have a positive life changing affect. Through education about New Earth’s World Class SuperFood products, coupled with a balanced and sustainable business opportunity, Ilyse aims to lead people to the benefits of physical and fiscal health. On Ilyse’s home team are her husband and three grown sons, and If you are fortunate enough to be a part of Ilyse’s TEAM BUILDERS network, you will learn firsthand of her passion and integrity, which is second to none!

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