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Caron Barr
Caron Barr, R.N. Holistic Wellness Coach (561) 346-4577

Within the world of wellness, a constant balancing act is in motion. Imagine, deep within your cells, a tiny cleanup crew is hard at work. Moving, cleaning and transporting toxins out of your body. These toxins can enter your bloodstream through the foods you eat, the chemicals you breathe and the lotions (containing toxic parabens) you rub onto your skin.

The leaders in this cleanup crew are the white blood cells. They are literally bags of enzymes, like tiny scrubbing bubbles sent out by the immune system to clean up. They also play an enormous role by killing deadly viruses and bacteria that may have made their way into the bloodstream. We have five different types of white blood cells, each having their own specific job. They know their job duties and do them well when they have the resources to do it. If they are overwhelmed by a high toxic load, more cells are sent out for cleanup. But when there are no more white blood cells for the job, the trash continues to build and eventually becomes INFLAMMATION. If this persists, it turns to CHRONIC INFLAMMATION and is very irritating to the inside of your body. This irritation can create body aches, pain , headaches, fatigue, constipation, bloating and even more serious issues like diabetes.

As this process continues, the red blood cells are busy transporting oxygen and vital nutrients needed to fuel your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and entire immune system. They are crucial in creating and maintaining body balance. When they are clean (NOT BOGGED DOWN WITH TOXIC OVERLOAD) they are able to pick up vitamins, minerals and oxygen from the foods you eat. This creates what is called a BIOAVAILABLE SYSTEM, one that is running smoothly and able to absorb what is necessary for a healthy internal ecosystem. This offers the long-lasting energy everyone wants and needs to enjoy all that life offers!

This is why avoiding processed foods is imperative. The ingredients in boxed and packaged foods do not absorb well and “CLOG” the system over time. As Dr. J.H Tilden, MD, one of the earliest pioneers in the healing arts said , “All diseases are caused by toxemia and malnutrition”.

Toxemia and malnutrition starts deep within at a cellular level. So the sooner you begin incorporating more whole foods into your diet, the sooner you will see (and feel) the positive effects. It should only take a few days to feel more energy and notice fewer aches and pains.


  • Eat ONLY fruits and vegetables for two full days
  • You can juice fresh fruits and vegetables, eat them raw or steamed ….just keep them fresh! (Local Juicebars can do the juicing for you).

This is a great way to lighten the load on your liver and to give a nice cleansing effect to all of your body systems. The less toxins you put into your body drastically reduces the workload and stress happening inside your body. Here are some of the common indicators of toxic overload:

Common signs of TOXIC OVERLOAD :

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