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Kayla Kuecha is a fifteen year old young lady with a soul full of wisdom. There are few children in the world with this much spirituality at this young age. Talking to Kayla was like getting enlightened on a fast track. This brilliant and spiritual individual allowed us to ask her couple of questions about her life and her illness. She has been dealing with Crohn’s Disease for almost two years. Between doctors’ offices and hospital visits, she somehow found a healing platform and she is sharing her wisdom with people around her. When we met her mother, we realized where she gets her strength and beauty from. Kelli Kuecha is Kayla’s life coach and her best friend.

Kayla, thank you for allowing us into your world. We wanted to talk to you because we realized that you have a story to share, a story that is worth sharing. Please tell us first who you are… your age, your education, little back ground about you…

Hello! I am Kayla Kuecha. I am fifteen years old. I started pursing musical theatre at the age of seven, and have traveled around the US in productions nationally. I also have been studying opera for three years. I got accepted into BAK Middle School of the Arts as well as Dreyfoos School of the Arts, and studied under the major of theatre. In freshman year at Dreyfoos however, April of 2015, I was suddenly diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

Can you tell us about this disease?  What are the complications?

Crohn’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks its own organs, mouth to colon (essentially the whole GI tract). Crohn’s often leads to other conditions like anemia (which I was also diagnosed with) from quantities of blood being left from the body, malnutrition, surgeries, etc.  Crohn’s does not have a cure, but I am determined to find a regiment that can heal people of their conditions a lot quicker- through mind, body, and spirit. Although surgery can relieve pain in one part of the body, the disease cells are always there. The ideal state to achieve is remission and to avoid a flare up. I do this by consciously eating, meditating, breathing, getting in sunshine, supplementing my body with nutritious foods it loves, and giving every organ in my body loving vibrations every single day.

It is obviously related to food… Where does the food stand in your life? What does food mean?

I am not going to lie, it has been difficult using trial and error everyday to conjure up what foods and meals I can eat that don’t irritate my stomach. I currently follow a plant-based/ vegan diet. I do it because I believe in being compassionate to all life forms, for the planet, and my overall health. Food is a major factor (as well as limiting beliefs about it) for not only gastrointestinal problems, but also most illnesses. We, as a community, need to realize that food literally is us. It becomes us. On a subatomic level, every fiber of nutrients we give to each cell either rejuvenates us or deteriorates us. I believe in eating living food and eating to live. Being a vegan and eating low amounts of fiber has been a challenge, but also has enabled me to be very creative when it comes to creating my own meals. I have my own fridge that I store my own produce in, and I make it a habit to stop by Whole Foods, meal prep, and plan grocery shopping every week!

It sounds complicated but I realize you are doing a good job. Tell us what is on your mind? What is your message? Tell us everything you know…

Our lives are a product of our roots and when our roots are working in harmony, we flourish. Healing anything begins with uncovering the root cause of whatever symptom is showing up on the surface. You can be given all of the medications and treatments in the world to heal a condition, but you won’t enjoy lasting results without digging up the roots to see where dis-ease set in. I believe that most unhappiness and pain in life comes from disharmony in the areas of food, body, family and feelings. When we get down to the root of each of these areas, we will almost always find an inner child starving for attention, love, connection and the way we eat, the health of our body, the soundness of our feelings and the connection to our family roots will reveal so much of where that inner child is ruling our lives.

I had to do a ton of soul searching while in the hospital to find myself and be as close to the roots of my authenticity as possible. Once I started apply varies modalities to my life such as the Law of Attraction, and ridding old subconscious beliefs that were hindering me from growing in the present moment, my life instantaneously shifted.

Your message is beautiful. You are very courageous.  What do you find most challenging in life?

Remembering my body is working for me, not against me. When pain arises, the first instinct is to shame the body for feeling “dis-eased.” Then I remind myself that the body is always working in my favor, and it shifts my perspective completely. Now, whenever I feel discomfort, I can literally shift it into something enlightening and something to work on. Normally when a sudden pain occurs, I know it’s because of something in my head that is controlling my body to alert me in some way. I often meditate on it, and ask the source “What limiting belief is creating my body aches?” I dig deep within my soul, listen, and within seconds I know why.

What do you wish other people know about you?

I love everyone. Even those who have hurt me in the past, I forgive and send them love everyday. I always do mini prayers throughout the day and send love to everyone, even the most random people who pop into my head. Knowing that the love vibrations I send to others will come back to me is a beautiful feeling. Be love, show love, and radiate love. Always, always, always.

Love is the best message you can spread. Who or what inspires you?

I don’t have one particular “inspiration”. Those who are completely vulnerable and authentic for themselves, inspire me. School has given youth the mentality of being “one with the crowd.” Social groups conform to be anti-social, which I know deep down I am completely the opposite of. Now, I use social media as a wonderful platform to be me, by most authentic self. With that, I have shed off those who don’t serve my highest good anymore and as a result I have found people around the world who actually vibe with me and understand where I am coming from. It’s a beautiful feeling to have a tribe that always supports you no matter what, and to feel like you’re not being judged for being you. I have realized that judgment is a personal conflict within one’s self that is projected out so the person in pain can feel better about themselves. I know that I am on my own path, and they’re on theirs, so I steer clear and send love from afar.

Before I let you go… What is one advice you would give to people?

Heal your roots. Be conscious of everything. Observe your thoughts. Love your body before it’s too late. You always have the capability of healing an illness, but why not stop it before it comes? Have gratitude towards everything, and know that life is happening FOR you, not to you. Every scenario that occurs in your life is a direct reflection of your well being from within. Heal that inner child. Try eating one plant-based meal a day, and get acclimated into a routine that involves products in its truest, rawest state. The same applies to your life. Be as YOU as possible, don’t let others stop your growth, love and shine on. There’s a good to everything, and for me, this is just the beginning of beautiful journey.

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