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The Heart of Video Production

Lights…Camera…Action! In today’s digital market, business owners encounter significant marketing obstacles. In a recent Forbes article, “poor marketing strategy” was listed as a major contributing factor to the failure of small businesses nationwide. Even established companies err by assuming that a great product or service will market itself. Many find that without an effective marketing plan, doors close jeopardizing the life of a business. With 51% of marketing professionals worldwide naming video as the type of content with the best ROI, it is wise not to overlook video marketing in a thorough marketing strategy (wordstream 2017).

Banzai Wellness Magazine had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Dr. Shelley Plumb, CEO and founder of PlumbTalk Productions in West Palm Beach, FL. Complete with state-of-the-art equipment, PlumbTalk Productions is a full-service production company that stands out from their competition in their ability to create unique “Out of the Box” scripts, video formats and original programming designed to communicate to clientele in an effective manner.
Dr. Plumb, can you tell our readers what business model you follow with PlumbTalk Productions?
PlumbTalk Productions is a full-service production company. We offer an extensive list of production services which ranges from simple promotional videos to complex commercials. Exciting really! With our current team, there are no limits to what we can produce. We love a creative challenge.

We hear that you have a studio in West Palm Beach. Tell us about PlumbTalk Studios.

(Smiling) We consider our studio our home. We treat our clients as guests. We are fortunate to have a 1300 square foot space complete with a built in green screen, cyclorama (white) wall, customizable talk show set and much more. What many don’t realize is that we are equipped to broadcast online from our studio. This service opens many doors for local businesses by increasing exposure to clients.
We have heard that you value collaboration. How important is collaboration in business?
First and foremost clients can expect to feel “at ease.” We strive to create a fun, supportive and creative relationship with our clients. We tell all guests in our studio to be prepared to have a good time. Oh yes! We laugh… The way we see it, a relaxed client displays an authentic message; a message customers resonate with.
We have heard that you value collaboration. How important is collaboration in businesses?
Collaboration is essential in business. Bottom line. Since our studio doors opened we have been blessed to have dynamic, genuine, brilliant individuals walk through the door. It warms my heart. When we all work together for the greater good there is nothing that can’t be accomplished.
Are there any exciting affiliations that you would like for our readers to know about?
Yes! I am proud to announce PlumbTalk’s affiliation with Banzai Wellness Magazine. (Smiling) I have watched Banzai grow over the years. The magazine is an incredible, uplifting resource whose primary mission is to enhance health and wellness in our community. Their mission resonates perfectly with ours. I have known Meric Tunca for quite some time and am proud and honored to work alongside him on a common mission.
You often refer to “The PlumbTalk Team.” What do you mean by that?
There is no “I” in our team. I mean that sincerely. The PlumbTalk Team is composed of a passionate group of individuals who are committed to the PlumbTalk mission. Our talented team includes a production manager, a media relations representative, video editors, graphic and web designers, social media experts and IT specialists. I am confident in telling you that it is our team’s dedication that makes PlumbTalk successful as a leader in production.
There is no mistaking the passion behind the PlumbTalk Productions’ business model. With regards to effective business promotion, there is strength in video marketing. With their newfound affiliation with Banzai Wellness, PlumbTalk Productions will continue to be a leader in the world of video production. As PlumbTalk strives to give businesses a voice through the power of video many will find the doors open to success on a global level .If you want to get more information about PlumbTalk Full-Service Production Services please visit and or you can contact Dr. Shelley Plumb at
[email protected]


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