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Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food – Hippocrates

When we arrived at the tropical 50 acre setting, the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, we were very excited to meet with the founder, Brian Clement and his lovely wife Anna Maria Clement. Our meeting started with chatting causally with Brian and  Anna Maria. The subject of the causal chat was of course related to their mission, which is a raw food diet and health; however we also chatted about global politics and world leaders. Their knowledge and understanding  of world cultures is very impressive.

How did it all start? 

It all started with visionary and humanitarian Anne Wigmore, an immigrant from Lithuania 60 years ago. When she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer by a Harvard doctor in 1952, she decided to do what her grandmother would have done. Her grandmother back in Europe was a village doctor. Anne Wigmore  ate good food and took care of herself with information she learned from her grandmother and healed her cancer. After this experience, she developed a simple concept first created by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, “ Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” She founded her first institute in 1956.  In 1975 I ( Brian ) joined her team. Anne Wigmore and I were in Sweden in April 1978 and I met Anna Maria there and fell in love immediately.  I loved her more every day.  Back then, she was running Sweden’s most famous health center but in 1980, Anna Maria joined our team.

How did you end up in West Palm Beach location? 

We actually moved the institute from Boston to down here in 1986 and opened it in 1987. We started with 10 acres, we grew to 20 and finally 50 acres. No matter how much we grow, we don’t lose our identity, its personal.

What is your client profile here today? 

Half of the people who come here today are sick and the other half are healthy.  Out of the 50% sick, 30% are really sick and the other 20% are moderately sick.  Everyone gets treated the same way because we do not keep talking about their diseases during their stay.  The psychological part is important and it is not magic what we do here.  We tell these people that they can eat right, they can love themselves and they can live normal.  It is this simple, if you eat unhealthy, you will not be happy.  It is all about choices, you can change one’s diet and everything changes.  It affects every area of your life.

 What is the relationship with food, environment and diseases? 

The food, environment and diseases are directly related.  In today’s world disease is increasing rapidly.  We all know how cancer is spreading.  The worst is that young people and kids are getting sick at earlier ages.  After the Chernobyl disaster, children started to be diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  After Hiroshima, according to a colleague, the islands of Hawaii now have 7000 times more radiation than before Hiroshima.  All the water around the world is affected, it is all radioactive.  Unfortunately more kids, and teens are getting brain cancer all due to environmental issues and nobody is talking about it.

Pharmaceutical industry versus self-care

By this time in the interview, we, the Banzai Wellness Magazine team were trying to take notes about everything Brian and Anna Maria were telling us.  This whole conversation was very educational for us as well and we were trying to capture every bit of information that they were giving.  They discussed how fear creates disease which we all couldn’t help but agreed. “People no longer trust the institutions, they started putting their money in self-care and health education” Brian said.  This is why he explained that they created educational programs as well as programs that transforms and heal in Hippocrates.


Hippocrates Health Institute provides life changing programs to educate, heal and transform people.  Their 9 week Health Educator Program teaches and allows students to experience a “holistic living foods lifestyle.”  It starts with 3 week Life Transformation Program and ends with a 6 week Health Educator Program.  People from all over the world come and join this dynamic education and at the end they become a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator which has a global reputation backed with 60 years of experience in the field.

Over the three week Life Transformation Program, guests start to experience recovery to wholeness and transformation is very obvious.  Using the connection and healing between the mind, the body and the spirit, people can create their health and destroy their disease.

The program includes Fine Longevity Cuisine (developed through a concentrated and scientific research on detoxifying  the body), Fitness Center (personal trainer, Pilates, yoga and weight training, tai chi and water aerobics classes), Oasis Spa and Therapy Center (massage, rejuvenating beauty services, acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy), Physical and Mental Health Center (Hippocrates doctors, nurses and psychotherapists), Organic Salon (offering beauty services for hair, skin and nails) and 40 hours of nutrition, food preparation instructions.For more information about the program please visit:   Or call: 561-623-1002 or email: [email protected] 

Anna Maria:  “ When you start the program, its very humbling. They think about how they have never eaten this way. Once they are here for a week, it gets easier, they get strength from each other. “ 


Please tell us more about what is happening here. Why do people come here? 

We are pretty much the oldest organization in the world, we have had hundreds of thousands of people coming here.  They do not need to be sick to come here.  We travel worldwide and bring our message out.  We need to change the healthcare system and the real objective is to revolutionize the world by prevention.  We need to teach our children, whole food is medicine. It is all science.  Hippocrates is not alone, there are others out there trying to change the healthcare system.  We are not inventing anything, we just put the system together.  People have been getting more interested in planting, growing their own food for some time now. Sprouting is kind of new for Westerners but Asians have done it for thousands years.

 We heard that we should not put too much fruits in our diet, what do you say about that?  

Limited fruit intake for some people.  It is because fruits are changed too much today.  The Chinese started to hybrid one fruit to another, object to one thing to make them sweeter and bigger.  If you look at the fruits today, they are thirty times sweeter than ever before.  We believe that fruit was the main diet a thousand years ago.  Now genetic modification takes place.  If you go to an organic market, the labels show grading like A, B, C, etc., A being the sweetest.  You need to pay attention to those labels.  Unripe fruit is acidic and acid makes holes in your body and bones.  I (Brian) have written a book called ‘Sweet Disease’ which explains what sugar and artificial sweeteners are doing to your health.  Scientific Industry understands this but the Fruit Industry is powerful.

What is the relationship between fermented food and cancer?

It is all about immunity. 2/3rd of your body is bacteria.  If you make healthy bacteria, your balance and your immune system is good.  So how you prevent cancer and other disease and aging is to get good bacteria.  A small courageous group of psychiatrists have given up drugs, all they use is healthy bacteria.  You have to clean up the intestines.


As we continued our conversation, we asked him about vitamins, minerals and especially fish oil.  Anna Maria indicated that we need Omega3 but not from fish.  As you can guess, we were surprised since most people believe that fish is a big part of healthy diet.  Brian told us that fish is filled with radiation, chemicals and metals so we should not consume any fish.  He indicated that there is no such thing as safe fish.  “No matter where you go every bit of drinking water has pharmaceuticals drugs and plastic in it”.

And we insisted and mentioned wild fish…

You never hear the truth.  You hear the propaganda.  No such thing as wild fish.  Most of wild fish is polluted, they are growing them in factory farms in China.  The world is already polluted but in factory farms its ten times worst.

As we were shaken with the news, Brian pointed out that the cleanest ocean might be the one near us, in Jupiter and West Palm Beach because of the currents in the gulf.


 Wellness and sex life, how is it all related?

Everyone should learn this in school.  You are made of cells, literally hundred trillion cells. New cells are called steam cells.  They have to go through your veins.  You need good blood flow and oxygen.  Think about how you naturally get oxygen… 1- Breathing 2- Water (You have water in your cells, 70% of your body is water), 3- Food (When you cook food, oxygen is gone, raw food brings oxygen.  When you make before and after blood tests here, you see a radical shift in your oxygen level in just 3 weeks).  The problem we see very often these days that 40 year old men, young men, cannot have erections.  It is all about the blood flow and oxygen. Open those veins up, hydrate the body, give oxygen and have erection.  The brain is the same, needs blood flow and oxygen.

Hippocrates Health Institute has an extensive website with detailed information about their programs.  Their published and printed health magazine is called ‘Healing Our World’.  Between the website and the magazines one can find many ways to their wellness and health. Hippocrates Directors Brian and Anna Maria Clement wrote 17 books on the subjects of food, longevity, sexual vitality, living food for optimum health, dairy, fish and sugar and even clothes that may make you sick.  If one visits their online shopping; supplements, movies, lectures, seeds and sprouting equipment, dehydrators, juicers, books, bath and body products, organic clothing, raw vegan food and even organic pillows and sheets can be purchased. 


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