Network Marketing in Modern Times

A wise man said to me that most people die having not figured out their purpose. He referenced the unfortunate and often inevitable fact that unless and until we can expose, then face, our most vulnerable & often “hidden” weak spots, we may never fully step into our greatness.In yet another angle, a second wise man, suggests that we should die empty…die having emptied all of our dreams, hopes, aspirations into the works we do in this life. In fact, there is a book, Die Empty! Author Todd Henry talks about The 7 deadly sins of mediocrity. So many of us settle for a mediocre life …then get buried with so much potential never used.

Out of fear, most people don’t dare to live vibrantly, or to take risks for their dreams.

It is unfortunate that today’s world highly values comfort. It is a sneaky thing to value, for you don’t have to do anything great to be comfortable. Comfort zones don’t keep our lives safe; they keep them way too small.It takes a crazy amount of persistence and determination to create, to become great. It requires you to keep failing. Then do it again!

We can’t grow stronger without being sore, and isn’t it the truth we are unable to lose weight without being hungry?The black and blue from the pain of stepping out of our comfort zones is what helps us to grow. Being open for the growth process is truly what allows us to become better, more of who we are capable of becoming.It is a sad truth that finding a purpose can first manifest as conflict. We often are pulled in a direction counter to what the world sees as ‘success’—we may earn less money for awhile, or take chances that seem out of character. Only the most heart centered survive the rigors of the holding to a conviction to follow a new or different path.

When conviction is fed by an insatiable thirst to hold your vision–this is the true definition of a burning visceral desire. This type of transformative work is where change makers emerge and become a powerful force for good.A change maker is an individual or group which has a vision powerful enough to change the course of lives.Consensual, permission-based marketing through networks (or Network Marketing!) creates a global platform which has the ability to propel a group of like-minded individuals to join together as change makers.It is my belief—my experience—that network marketing—when engaged with a conscious company and product–is actually a Network of Human Potential. This business model creates a platform of leverage and can magnify a dream into a movement.

Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are a terrific example what networks are capable of doing. The social media platform literally works for us to develop and utilize our networks in order to develop change.


Network Marketing, it’s one of the only industries where you can truly find people from all walks of life where your background and resume don’t matter. You could survey a handful of industry leaders and find that one graduated from college while another went to the school of hard knocks. The beautiful thing about this industry is anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can find success.

So how is it that an entire industry can welcome people from all walks of life and provide them with the same opportunity? The answer is simple; this industry is about equal opportunity. It’s about providing a vehicle for people to create their own success. It is an industry that is the core of any economy: entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship, this word likely stirs up one of two emotions, or a combination of both: excitement and fear. With Network Marketing we are not talking about starting from scratch and the headaches and stress that comes with it. We are talking about an established business plan accompanied by the tools and support required for one to be successful. ( comes down to choosing your company you wish to align with very carefully. Personally speaking, I look for about 12 entities on my template with integrity reigning supreme. Integrity of the product line, the corporate infrastructure, the core pillar of the company’s mission/vision. LONGEVITY. Do they have the integrity to keep their heart centered on the long term? This encompasses maintaining a stellar commitment for highest quality/purity in the company’s product line and/or service, and this is key and a critical factor for myself in the selection of where I choose to ‘lay my hat’ and build what can become a global business with a trajectory to have massive impact on our world.

That’s what I’m talking about! The Geometric Progression to duplicate oneself and rather than have 100% of your own efforts, tap into 1% of 100 people’s efforts which inevitably and ultimately leads to changing millions of lives. I love this industry of network marketing—WHEN IT’S DONE RIGHT

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