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Paradigm Shift

Your point of view can change based on your knowledge and mood. “Paradigm” is defined as a perspective or view on an idea, person, place, or object. A “Paradigm Shift” shows how your point of view changes based on new information. For example, when I was in sixth grade last year, I started taking eighth grade math. Without even realizing it, I was in a higher level than my friends. I thought that it would be very difficult for a person to skip two grades in a subject. I later passed that class with straight A’s and a 100 on almost every test. Now I am in Algebra 1 and am thinking about taking Geometry and Algebra 2 next year. Soon I realized that math was my best subject and that is why I want to be involved in engineering. At first glance I had thought that it would be hard because I told myself that it would be difficult. Now I believe that math is one of the easiest subjects. That is why believing in yourself is key. Another instance of a paradigm shift is one of those “optimist” and “pessimist” tests, or the “creativity measurer.” The one that is most known is the one with the duck and the rabbit. It measures how fast you can switch between seeing both animals. It can change your view on life. You may only see the bad side, like if you see a glass that is half full of water, you would say that it is “half empty.” An optimistic person would call it “half full.” These experiments that were conducted show the differences between people in the world. To conclude, you may not even realize it if you change your point of view. A paradigm shift can change your life, especially if you find out about something you never knew about.

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