CHICKEN BREAST Freeze-Dried Dogs/Cats


One of the Greatest Treats you can give your Dog or Cat

Chicken Breast, That’s it!


Why feed your dog or cat Freeze-Dried Meat?

This style of treat or food topper is incredibly popular! Freeze-dried meats are made with just ONE single ingredient. This makes it a great option for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

Another great benefit is that there are no added chemicals or preservatives used when producing freeze-dried meats. This is an all-natural option. Due to the process of making meat freeze-dried, it loses all of its water content. This means that the meat will be smaller in size but still pack the same protein punch as fresh raw meat.

Benefits Of Freeze-Dried

The great thing about freeze-dried is that the meat contains the same nutritional value, quality, color, and even taste as it had before being freeze-dried. Dogs  & Cats that are given freeze dried-proteins can have better skin and coat, improved digestion, be less likely to have an allergic reaction, and have better weight management.

Freeze-dried meats have a longer shelf life than other meats and that is because there are no added preservatives. Without the presence of water in the meat, bacteria is not able to survive which is why added preservatives are not needed.

Chicken Breast Benefits

Freeze-dried chicken breast is extremely healthy for all dogs to eat. It is an excellent source of lean protein, providing dogs with plenty of energy without the extra calories. Chicken breast supplies a lot of omega-6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat. It also is loaded in essential amino acids and glucosamine to ensure healthy and strong bones. Many people turn to chicken if their dog has an upset stomach or allergies. This lean meat is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.



Freeze-dried chicken breast.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (Min.) 81%, Crude Fat (Min.) 6%, Crude Fiber (Max.) 1%, Moisture (Max.) 7%.

Calorie Content (ME/calculated) 3600 Kcal/Kg, 4 kcal/g

All of our freeze-dried meats are sourced from the Midwest. All of our animals NEVER have any added hormones, GMO, or antibiotics.


The process is started by running the meats dicer, and then we immediately run them through an IQF machine. By doing this, it locks in all of the nutrition very quickly by freezing it down to -40°. It also creates a very small ice crystal in the meat. A lot of companies out there skip this step, and it creates a large ice crystal which makes the product more crumbly and a lot softer. It also doesn’t retain as much of its nutritional quality that way. You will notice with ours there are very small holes which is where the ice crystals were sublimated out of the product during the freeze-dried process. That is a sign of high-quality freezing prior to the freeze-drying.


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