Color Changing Bunny Diffuser/Humidifier & Free Oil


Color Changing

Great Night Light



Beautiful Landscape Bunny Diffuser/Humidifier with USB cable Ultrasonic

Color Changing LED Night Light… Comes with a free bottle of our Happy Blend


A quiet, strong, and beautiful diffuser for the entire family to enjoy!  All you need is a USB outlet. All our diffusers will come with a free 5ml bottle of our Floris Naturals Happy Blend. Our essential oils are Therapeutic Grade A, Pure, and GC/MS tested for Purity.

Water tank capacity: 180ML

Spray quantity: 35-40ml /H

Usage time: continuous spray for 4 hours/intermittent spray for 8 hours

6.3 x 4.2 inches



Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow


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