Doggie/Kitty Love Box


Moisturizing and Itch Relieving Shampoo

Calming Spray

Pet Deodorant

Paw & Nose Balm

💝Doggie/Kitty LoveBox💝

Our best selling products! You can spoil both your cat and dog with this awesome box set.
What do you get?

💥Our hypoallergenic shampoo that was formulated specifically to help heal dry and irritated skin and to moisturize all skin types. It will leave the skin and coat soft and silky.It is an excellent maintenance shampoo that can be used on healthy skin as well and simply to get a good wash. It will prevent excessive scratching that can lead to other skin related issues. We infuse the herbs in oils for seven weeks for maximum strength. Since it is a natural anti-fungal soap, it will also help relieve itching.

💥 Our pet calming spray reduces stress and anxiety. It is great for home use, vet visits, separation anxiety relief, car & air travel, kennel stay, thunderstorms, stables, horse transport… Made with pure organic essential oils, no synthetic colorants, sulfate free, alcohol free, paraben free, no synthetic fragrance. We are very proud of our entirely herbal and natural products.
The spray is a mixture of herbs and oils that are often used by people all over the world as natural sedatives, such as Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Vetiver, German Chamomile, Sweet Orange, and Lavender.
💥 Our Lavender Deodorant. Forget the medicine-y, overpowering and often synthetic blends you have tried in the past. Our doggie spray is both calming and cheering, and safe for the entire family! It will deodorize & condition your doggie’s coat.

💥Our natural Paw & Nose balm which is ideal for summer or winter with natural healing ingredients.You can apply it directly to your doggie’s (or kitty) paws or nose to help with cracked skin, itchy or flaky paws, irritated paws or nose.

Dog’s and cat’s paw pads and elbow joints can become dry and often crack. Our balm and its healing ingredients will help moisturizes and sooth their paws and nose. It is solid at room temperature but can be easily applied to your furry friend’s paws, especially if you rub it between your fingers first. It is safe if licked.


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