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Hempseed oil is made from the hemp seed itself and usually doesn’t contain any THC. This oil can calm inflammation and irritation on the skin, including acne and some conditions like psoriasis, while keeping the skin nourished and moisturized. It can be applied topically as a moisturizer or used as a carrier oil for essential oils. It is a great oil to add to any body care, including creams, lotions, massage oils, lip balms…Also excellent for hair care.

Hempseed Carrier Oil is high in Omega fatty acids and proteins. It can be applied topically as a moisturizer or used as a carrier oil for essential oil application.

It is extracted mechanically without the use of chemicals, preservatives or additives, and cold pressed at low temperatures. It is then filtered to remove any natural suspended solids.


Botanical Name: Cannabis sativa

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Aroma: Refined Hemp Seed has a distinct aroma. While still relatively mild, it is stronger than most other carrier oils.

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Plant Part: Grains

Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Consistency: Typical of most carrier oils.

Absorption: Absorbs into skin at average speed, slight oil feeling left on skin.

Cautions: None known, but always check on a small area of skin first. It can stain sheets.

Storage: It is recommended that cold-pressed carrier oils be kept in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness and achieve maximum shelf life. If refrigerated, bring to room temperature before using.




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