Natural Organic Calming Spray


Perfect for

  • – Travel
  • – Kennel Stay
  • – Thunderstorms
  • – Home Use on Bedding
  • – Vet Visit
  • – Stables
  • – Horse Transport
  • – Separation Anxiety etc.

Alleviates problem behaviors such as inappropriate marking, chewing, excessive barking, destructive behavior, and jumping. Eases stressful situations. Easy to use and releases a pleasant and soothing fragrance.


Our 100% Natural Organic Calming Spray made with organic essential oils and herbs. No chemicals used. It reduces stress and anxiety. It is great for home use, vet visits, separation anxiety relief, car & air travel, kennel stay, thunderstorms, stables, horse transport and can be used on many different situation. Made with pure organic essential oils, Our 100% Natural Organic Calming Spray contains no synthetic colorants, no sulfate, no alcohol, no paraben and no synthetic fragrance. We are very proud of our entirely herbal and natural products.

Our 100% Natural Organic Calming Spray can be used on most pets such as dogs, cats, horses, lamas, bunnies, guinea pigs etc. Our spray is also a fantastic calming spray for people as well.

The spray is a mixture of herbs and oils that are often used by people all over the world as natural sedatives, such as Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Vetiver, German Chamomile, Sweet Orange, and Lavender.



Shake well before each use. Spray a few times onto your animal’s chest and into the air above its body. Always keep away from your animal’s eyes area. You can also mist your animal’s favorite blankets, bandana, bedding, crate, stables, horse trailer, home, car, etc. If needed, spray again after a couple of minutes.



  • – Purified Water
  • – Grape Seed Oil
  • – Vetiver Essential Oil: Vetiver may reduce stress by calming dogs afraid of loud noises
  • – Lavender Essential Oil which is an excellent starter oil for dogs that are new to essential oils. It is considered one of the most versatile essential oils, creating a sense of peace and harmony and offering a calming effect for dogs (and you, too!)
  • – Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Health benefits of ylang-ylang essential oil include providing relief from stress and anxiety. This oil sedates and calms nervous afflictions, stress, anger, and anxiety while inducing a relaxing feeling.
  • – German Chamomile Essential Oil: Recommended as a nerve relaxer, mild sedative, and stress and anxiety reliever.
  • – Frankincense Essential Oil: Immediately induces the feeling of peace, relaxation and satisfaction. It is also a stress reliever and fights anxiety.
  • – Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Acts as a mild sedative, taking away anxiety and other strong feelings. Orange oil keeps your senses alert while providing a relaxed feeling.

*It can be used for Travel, Kennel Stay, Thunderstorms, Home Use on Bedding, Vet Visit, Stables, Horse Transport, Separation Anxiety etc..

*It alleviates problem behaviors such as inappropriate marking, chewing, excessive barking, destructive behavior, and jumping.

*It eases stressful situations.

*Easy to use. It releases a pleasant and soothing fragrance.

Keep out of reach of children. If in eyes rinse with water. Discontinue usage if your animal experiences any type of adverse reaction.

All products are for topical use only and should not be taken internally at any time. All our products  are handmade in Plant City, Florida.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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