Popular Girls Pure Essential Oils Gift Box


Four of our top selling pure essential oil blends in this gift box.

  • Energy Synergy Blend
  • Let’s Be Happy (Stress & Anxiety Relief)
  • Aphrodisiac (Mood Enhancer!)
  • Head Ease (Headaches & Migraines)

Pure Therapeutic Grade A Essential Oils
Most Popular Blends
Perfect for Diffusers

Our essential oils are pure, Grade A, and indigenous (we source them directly from their country of origin). Each oil is GC-MS (Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry) tested to ensure purity & quality.


In this Kraft Gift Box you will get four 5 ml. bottles of pure essential oils.

Energy Synergy Essential Oil Blend

Let’s Be Happy (Stress & Anxiety Relief) Essential Oil Blend

Aphrodisiac (Mood Enhancer!) Essential Oil Blend

Head Ease (Headaches & Migraines) Essential Oil Blend


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