Under Eye Serum


Organic Coffee Beans infused in Macadamia Oil

For Dark Circles, Puffiness, Tired Looking Eyes



For Dark Circles, Puffiness, Tired Looking Eyes


We hand make all our products on our farm using nature’s best oils, herbs, & flowers.

For this serum we infuse organic coffee beans in Macadamia oil, then add avocado oil for even better results.

Caffeine stimulates Collagen and Elastin for Firmer Eyes. It naturally fights crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. The caffeine gives our Under Eye Serum has an Antioxidant that stimulates the skin and improves blood flow around the eye area, which makes us look fresh, radiant, and bright.

Macadamia Oil has anti-aging antioxidants. Flavonoids, antioxidants, and the right balance of essential fatty acids are just a few of the many anti-aging skin benefits of macadamia nut seed oil. The oil of macadamia nuts is similar to your skin’s natural sebum and hydrates without clogging pores.


Our serum comes in a glass bottle with dropper.


Directions: Place 2 drops of serum into the palm of your hand. Using fingertip, smooth on from inner to outer corner of under-eye area.

Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Ingredients: Organic Coffee Beans infused in Macadamia Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Grapefruit see extract.


Floris Naturals makes no claims for cure for any disease or health condition. All products are for topical use and must not be taken internally at any time. We are not allowed by law to claim a cure for our products. Nevertheless, we stand by our products.

All our products are handmade by FLORIS NATURALS in Plant City, Florida.


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