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Protect My Shoes

We are known for our support of local businesses, always looking for new entrepreneurs in town.This is why, every issue we try to introduce a new business to you. These businesses help our magazine as well by promoting and distributing new issues to their friends and families.

For this issue, we had the pleasure of visiting PROTECT MY SHOES by Windsor Avenue. Olivia Hollaus is the founder and the creative director of this amazing new product in town. She is a 32 years old, young professional, who has a start up company that produces shoe protectors in a fancy and healthy way.

Before she opened up and talked about this lovely shoe protecting business, she claimed that her most important job on this earth is to be a mom. She has a two year old son who takes a majority of her time. She is, however, so successful that we could not help but admire her energy.


Sometimes it is hard to balance work and family especially with a two year old in hand. We couldn’t help but ask Olivia about how being a mother affects her business. She said:“ My favorite topic, my son. I can go on and on and on… A little active, inquisitive two year old boy, keeps me running after him. He is a sweetheart and honestly the light of my life that gives me the push everyday. If I have a door close at work (although by no means a new opportunity) but every time I get a door close in front of my face, I say to myself, no, you have to keep going because you have a little boy. You have to set an example, you don’t want to quit. “Family is very important for Olivia which seems to be the case for every successful business owner. Successful local businesses have similar formation with family structures. Olivia’s mother also plays a great role in her life as a motivator and advisor. Since she is meticulous, Olivia loves getting her advice on product development. We learned that her mother is also a straight shooter when it comes to productive criticism. Olivia’s mother helps her to have checks and balances and a trusting source to evaluate ideas with.


Protect My Shoes started with Olivia’s personal experience. How many of us had invented stuff in our heads and never did anything about it and then paid money to buy our own inventions later. Her venture with Protect My Shoes started just like that, however, she took action and applied her energy towards her dreams.

“ It all started with my own personal experience and frustration. We buy shoes and they come with that tissue paper stuffers, they wrinkle up, they shred, they just don’t work. Shoe trees stretch out the leather. I was just frustrated with that. I am spending so much money on shoes because I am a self proclaimed shoe-addict. I am always saying ‘Oh my God, let’s figure something out already’ about these shoe protectors. I came up with this idea like a one size shoe stuffer, machine washable, hand-made, filled with organic cotton and light weight. “

Olivia’s shoe protectors are great for traveling, no more squeezed shoes in suitcases. They are also very pretty. She believes that there can be beauty in everyday products, because ‘it’s a life style.’ Her designs and colors can represent the user’s personality, as well as being functional at the same time.

In every start up business, there is need for a support team and Olivia found her support in her mother, her assistant Sandra (her right hand as she calls her), her friends who are her biggest cheerleaders and her mentor. She calls these people ‘a big network of family and friends’ whom we all need. Olivia describes her mentor ‘as this amazing lady.’


Olivia’s creative energy does not allow her to quit, even if she goes through hard times. She believes she does not need regrets, or ‘what ifs’. She told our magazine team that ‘everybody feels that they are not where they want to be’ during the start up phase, but people can see a five or ten year projection. In her philosophy, it is just a mind set that makes people successful. We all agreed with her when she said:

“Failure is not an option and happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy or unhappy with your business. Whatever you want to achieve just put it out there and good things will happen”.Banzai Wellness Network - Protect My Shoes

At this point we were asking about her horoscope wondering about her unlimited creativity and energy, of course, she is a Leo!!!


Follow Olivia on social media, this is how we figured out that she got involved with The Boca Raton Art Festival.Instagram: Windsoravenue

Olivia was the newest member of the festival committee this year. They are celebrating their 11th year anniversary with the festival. It was obvious that she was truly inspired with all the artists she met through the festival. This is a world-class event with names like Sergio Mendes. The legendary musician from Brazil was performing in Mizner Park thanks to the festival. This festival brought together many talented artists in different categories.

Olivia is in love with her city, the city of Boca Raton and she is happy to serve its people. She believes working with the Boca Raton Art Festival is her way of giving back to her community.


We couldn’t leave her without hearing some of her future ideas. She proudly shared that there may be some embroidery and men’s designs in the future. We wanted to hear everything but she wants us to wait and see for ourselves.This issue, we had a very good time sitting and chatting with Olivia Hollaus about her start up company, Protect My Shoes. Please check out her new handmade luxurious shoe stuffers online to keep your shoe closet in tip top shape.

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