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Southern Cross. . . The Bridge to Recovery

  Upon entering the lush 5-acre grounds of Southern Cross a sense of calm comes over you. You first notice the beautiful lake and then the guest house which sits just adjacent. The sun hitting the water’s edge seems to entice thoughts of warm, carefree summer days and the soft scent of flowers fills your senses. The two story plantation-style main house sits in the center of the property and offers a serene, safe place feel. This remote West Delray setting offers gardens and a spacious yard that will soon be home to several women who are ready to relinquish their dependence to alcohol.
Photography By Alper Sualp
  The doors of Southern Cross plans to open in August of this year ( 2017 ). The facility creates a nurturing, sacred space and is based on Healing through the heART.
  Services and Events include:
    – 30-60-90 day accommodations
    – Personal attention
    – Diverse classes ( including art therapy and music )
    – Healthy eating
    – Healthy drinking – “MOCKTAILS”
    – Pet accomodations
    – Support Group gatherings
    – Gym / Group activities
    – Private rooms available
    – Massage therapy and photography classes available upon request
  Director Robin Babitt and Owner Michael Skiera have BIG plans for this beautiful space. Southern Cross will provide a safe, balanced loving space for ten-twelve women seeking recovery from alcohol. Through her own challenges ( battle with cancer nine years ago ), Robin found having a support group to be nothing short of a miracle.
  What sets Southern Cross apart from other women’s recovery centers?
Having a caring team of dedicated professionals that offer individualized attention in a home setting is what sets Southern Cross apart from other recovery centers. My “MISSION” is to connect clients with professionals who are well versed in this area and create a Superior Support Team to keep them aligned- productive- informed- educated and connected without strings and an abundance of HOPE. Through my own experience I know what it takes to put these factors in place to create a “Healing Home Away From Home”.
Photography By Alper Sualp
  What personal experience of “Healing” Do you bring to the center?
In 2006 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and my life came to a halt. Then, like an amusement park ride, my life began to spin out of control and became a BLUR. Everything seemed out of control and upside down! I found support…real SUPPORT through the ACS (American Cancer Society). They offered 24 hour support, education and compassion with caring professionals that would answer my questions in my time of fear. Time became very precious in my life as did the people in my life.
Here at Southern Cross we offer diversified programs with individual attention as well as having a Representative available 24/7 to speak to our guests regarding both past and present concerns to enforce that they are not alone.
  I will also be available to our guests to support them and share my experiences.

  What gives Southern Cross a home feel?

Our home away from home philosophy is simple,” We offer diverse classes, personal attention, and activity choices. The women living here will also be learning to paint, to cook, to care, to heal and to nuture” as they find their passion and grow through their sobriety”.
  Recovery begins the moment they arrive. They are given time to settle in any way they choose. Choice is important as these ladies are not only choosing to be here, they will be choosing the direction of their new lives! They are given a voice; They are heard. Each day they are given several options as to how they want to spend their free time.
  • Exercise (outdoors or in the gym)
  • Quiet Time (time on the computer or quiet alone time)
  • Leisure Time (Art/ Music)
  Will you have a chef on staff at the center?
  A full-time Chef will be on staff cooking and teaching healthy food choices.
Proper nutrition is a large part of the Healing Process, and what better way than to have it taste delicious. Our vegetable and herb gardens will be harvested for meals to incorporate the plant-harvest-table therapy provided to each guest. Mango trees on the premises provides fresh fruit that can be harvested and eaten or added to the daily juice. Juicing and creating
  Mocktails, verses cocktails, is an essential integrative measure the guests will learn.
  What types of art classes will you be offering?
We offer a VERY UNIQUE recovery utensil called “Portrait Therapy”, by Artist Joshua Isla, which brings solace, reflection and a renewed sense of oneself to those he draws. The guests begin to relearn their story and recognize themselves as someone they have not seen in a very long time. This therapy begins the process into the Healing Journey.
Photography By Alper Sualp
  How did you choose to name the center Southern Cross?
  The name came from the song Southern Cross, by Crosby, Stills and Nash. Walking the grounds reminds you of days long gone and somewhere along the way, your life changed. You begin to realize just what the song means…..” When you see Southern Cross for the first time , you understand now why you came this way. Cause the truth you might be running from is so small, but it’s as big as the promise of a coming day”.
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