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Keystone Chiropractic is making a difference in people’s lives and in their spines. Dr. Jon Chung sees bad posture as a symptom of a bigger problem. They have black t-shirts that say “Got Posture?” The shirts are meant to prompt the question about why posture is important. “Poor posture is a symptom linked to poor neurological health,” says Chung.

At Keystone Chiropractic, they focus on Structural Chiropractic care. With state-of-the-art equipment, they use – precise digital x-ray equipment, advanced assessment tools, scans that assess how the nervous system is working, and digital structural analysis of how the spine is looking. Dr. Chung is able to examine the spine and measure in small degrees how the spine has shifted out of place.

Having advanced tools and an in-depth knowledge of the spine and nervous system brings great success stories. Chung tells about a 16-year-old equestrian girl who had fallen off of her horse and suffered from a concussion. She had lingering headaches and dizziness and was showing no progress after three months under a neurologist’s care. The accident had forced her to give up horse back riding and she could study for only 10 – 20 minutes at a time. After six weeks (7 visits) with Dr. Chung at Keystone Chiropractic, she was able to ride again and able to study beyond 45 minutes at a time. After this, she continued to improve.

Another patient came in with Meniere’s disease, a condition which includes ringing in the ears, vertigo and loss of hearing. After just three visits to Keystone Chiropractic, the dizziness was gone and hearing improved by 70%. The other conditions and his overall health improved as well.

The main difference between Dr. Chung and a traditional chiropractor are the tools he uses. “I’m a Structural Chiropractor and we use gentle tools for measurement.” One of Chung’s primary methods is a procedure called NUCCA, which is very gentle and precise. It is especially safe and helpful for kids and older patients.

As of November of 2014, Keystone Chiropractic has been in business in Wellington for one year. Dr. Chung enjoys the variety of events that Wellington has to offer. He’s very involved in the Wellington Rotary Club and CrossFit training.

Also well-known in the chiropractic field for his published works, Dr. Chung has written about Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, scoliosis, traumatic brain injury, hemifacial spasm and trigeminal neuralgia, just to name a few topics. “All of these studies have been related to how the structure and motion of the neck can impact the nervous system,” explains Chung. He’s invited to many conferences throughout the year to present his findings and research that he writes about in chiropractic research magazines.

Dr. Jon Chung believes in giving back to the community. He has been impressed with the work at the Lord’s Place in West Palm Beach. “It’s not just about giving people handouts, but it’s empowering people to be productive in society,” he says. His work with the Lord’s Place began with the Wellington Rotary Club. Through the Florida Chiropractic Society, Dr. Chung has been coordinating different chiropractors to volunteer a couple of hours per week – at the Lord’s Place in West Palm Beach and at Berkel Place, a home for single women.

He stays in shape and his training is a big part of his overall lifestyle. Chung goes to CrossFit Hardcore the Locker room and also enjoys running with the Fit to Run Club, based at the Mall at Wellington Green.

What are some of the most important things you can do to strengthen your spine? According to Dr. Chung, it’s all about finding the right exercises and doing them with the proper form. “The biggest detriment to our spines is the amount of sitting we do.” So, naturally, exercises are a recipe for success for preventing degeneration. Leg strength and ab strength are very important to build upon. Dr. Chung recommends yoga and pilates, in particular.

“A lot of people have the misconception that chiropractic care is risky and dangerous. However, when you look at large studies, you’ll see that we’re one of the safest forms of care available,” says Dr. Chung. Another misconception is that you’ll have to go back for more and more appointments for the rest of your life to feel good, once you get started. “This is not true. Structural chiropractic is all about fixing problems and not becoming dependent on it,” he explains. At Keystone Chiropractic, they are more interested in solutions and have great success in restoring health to the overall spine and nervous system.

For more information about Dr. Chung and Keystone Chiropractic, call (561) 247-0044.

Keystone Chiropractic
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