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Shortly after injuring myself in the gym which resulted in extreme pain and some loss of flexibility and movement in my neck I began some of the typical self rehabilitation strategies. Ice, heat and anti-inflammatories are all good things to do and I hoped they would be enough. When days turned into weeks I had to accept they were not. With no help from my busy work schedule things got no better so I began my research into good doctors and types of treatment per my injury. When I discovered the PROADJUSTER, which claimed to neither twist nor pop the affected area, I was hopeful I’d found a solution. Its use of modern technology to gently and efficiently adjust vertebrae sounded promising to me. Next step was to find a chiropractor with this piece of equipment. My detailed search finally delivered me to Dr. Randall Laurich of The Wellness Experience Of Wellington.

 I found “Dr. Randy” to be a warm professional with an accommodating nature. My first visit he took me in during his lunch hour to help me relieve my pain. His wife also warmly received me and processed my insurance claim. They both worked hard to disarm my fear. Best of all, after just two visits, I gained the relief I desperately sort and got back to the gym and back to work, pain free.

No matter what the issue is that you are dealing with The Wellness Experience has the knowledge, traditional skills and hi-tech equipment to help relieve pain, improve your quality of life and increase your performance!!

Thank you Dr. Randy!

Please visit or call 561-333 5351 to schedule an appointment today!

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