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Ultima Fitness’ Dynamic Duo 

It’s no secret that we all need to get in better shape. It’s also no secret that, while having good intentions to change our ways, the majority of us simply don’t have the discipline or diligence to follow through.  

That’s where Master Trainers Lynette Laufenberg and Jason Jaworski of Ultima Fitness, Wellington come in.  They prefer to call the key to fitness eating right and training rather than “diet and exercise.” It’s a lifestyle. Both Lynette and Jason are highly sought out in their field because they know how to keep a client-focused, consistent and successful in the pursuit of good health. 

Lynette is a multi-talented Master Trainer and teaches a variety of classes including spinning, kettlebells, yoga, TRXPilates, barre, step, boot camp. Yoga and TRX are her favorites, but she loves them all. Kettlebells, which are tea kettle shaped iron weights with a handle on top, is also one of her top picks because they provide a workout that burns more calories than regular weights. 

A gymnast as a youth, Ms. Laufenberg got involved in group fitness in college. Lynette moved to Wellington in 1998, began working as a manager at Ultima, and then became a Master Trainer. Lynette believes that the primary goal of fitness is to feel good, rather than to lose weight. Most come wanting to improve their looksLynette encourages them to seek improved health initially, and then looks will follow. Wellness first, appearance second.  

For Lynette, wellness covers an array of elements. She presents wellness as sort of an umbrella under which several important disciplines dwell. There’s mindfulness/meditation, fitness, nutrition, sleep, and stress management. Her view is that it all starts in the mind. Convincing a trainee of the importance of fitness is half the battle. Each discipline under that umbrella is equally vital to balanced health. 

Jason chimes in, “Lynette leads by example. She’s the whole package.”  

“Well, if you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk,” comments Lynette. And she’s been doing just that for 20 years. She keeps inspired by continuously learning through conferences, reading and staying up to date with new research.  

Personal rewards are also what has kept Lynette in the game for the long haul. She says there’s nothing like seeing people become empowered, gain new confidence and higher energy levels—resulting in an improved quality of life. 

Lynette is passionate that people know it’s never too late to get in shape.  She has clients from 13 to 90 years old. No matter what age, if you’d like to experience her effective fitness technique, contact her at Ultima Fitness Wellington at 561-795-2823. 

One look at Jason Jaworskianother one of Ultima’s Master Trainers—and you’ll find it hard to believe he was born with a severe heart condition.  This is why heart health and longevity have become so important to him. “Aging is a privilege because it’s denied to many,” he quotes. Jason says that heart problems arise from basically two causes: genetic disposition and/or outside influences. It’s his mission to help people reduce the negative outside influences. 

Like Lynette, Jason also entered the fitness world in his college years through personal training. He, too, believes that training starts in the mind first. Will power is essential to success. Jason explains that there are two sides of will power: (1) you have to say “no” to the bad influences and; (2) “yes” to healthy choices. That is accomplished by just focusing on today, he says. “Make today a win,” then momentum will build for tomorrow. Consistency over time leads to healthy habits. He again stresses that his program is not about diet and exercise, but a lifestyle. To him, brain fitness is as essential as body fitness. In his Brain Fitness 101, clients learn that thinking during their workouts will reap better results. He likes to put a new spin on old routines. 

While training, Jason tells his clients that it’s important that they not compare themselves with others. It’s not you vs. them; it’you vs. you.  

Jason has worked in both the business world and fitness. But he decided it was much more gratifying to work with people and then to push products. An Ultima Fitness trainer for nine years, Jason stays inspired by trying new activities and challenging himself to new rigors. He has recently become vegetarian and is trying extreme sports like mountain bike racing. This is especially important to him because he is approaching a milestone birthday—40. He coaches others to stretch themselves physically as well. One should be content, but not complacent. Be happy with their fitness progress, but always strive forward. “Often in taking risks, the limitations are just in your mind,” he says. Despite significant obstacles, Jason is a prime example of what physical and mental achievement looks like. He appreciates the blessing of life and does all he can to live it to the fullest.  

Jason can be contacted at Ultima Fitness for his winning workouts at 561-795-2823. 

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