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Nicholas Ferraro believes “you are what you eat.” And no truer is this statement than when applied to athletes. He should know because he grew up playing baseball on Wellington’s ball fields and knows first-hand the kind of stamina and mental agility it takes to compete.   

From Nicholas’ experience in youth sports and also from his observations as a student at the University of Miami, he noticed a glaring void in the lifestyle of athletes. Because of a packed schedule of tournaments, games, and practices, Nick found that most players resorted to fast-food and concession-stand fare. While athletes’ hungry stomachs were getting filled, their nutritional needs were often going unmet. Proper amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and nutrients necessary to build the body and keep it strong were lacking.  

Armed with the conviction that an athlete’s body is their most important piece of equipment, Nick—at the young age of 22—developed a solution for this eating-habit problem. In partnership with his entrepreneur parents and nutritionist, Kyle Bellamy, Nick formed a company called Team Meals, which provides balanced menus for athletes both on and off the field. The company features highly nutritious food that is convenient to access and easy to prepare.  

In their research, Team Meals found that the most frequently bought concession items were French fries and sodas. They also learned that high school students often resort to vending machine products (full of empty calories) before after-school training. Additionally, families, in their rush to out-of-town tournaments and evening practices primarily eat fast-food for lunch and dinner. Team Meals seeks to improve this sad state of eating affairs by providing delicious meals that can be ordered online and delivered fresh for the next tournament or game.  

Team Meals offers what athletes need. They have determined there are three mealtimes crucial to top performance: Pre-Game, Mid-Game, and Post-Game. Before the game, athletes need to fuel up on more proteins and carbohydrates. In the middle of the game, high protein snacks keep the body energy elevated. After the game, the muscles, growth plates, and joints need to repair and recover with more carbs.  Of course, vegetables are always included to provide essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and enzymes.  

Consideration of gender is also included in the meal plan. For instance, because of physical development differences, a young male athlete may need more carbohydrates and a young female may need more protein for peak performance. 

The company’s nutritionist, Kyle Bellamy—who is also the Director of Football Performance & Nutrition at the University of Miami—is passionate about teaching young adults that nutrition is the key to high-performance. He stresses the importance of eating right in order to nourish both the brain and body. Athletes can be assured that Team Meals’ entrées and snacks are curated and approved by an experienced food and sport professional.  

Head nutritionist Kyle Bellamy gets his players ready for the upcoming game. Photo credit: Miami Athletics

Nick Ferraro has been promoting the company at area tournaments. So far, the meal concept has been well-received. In fact, major national game organizations are jumping onboard—largely due to the need TM fills and the creative partnerships they offer. While Team Meals is currently targeting the baseball world, they hope to attract soccer, Lacrosse and cheerleading groups, as well.  

The company seems to be getting cheers from all directions, with offers of unique warming and packaging tools to add to the business line. One such item is a flameless cooking system called the Barocooker. With a purchase of 15 meals, a customer can get a free Barocooker consisting of a glass warming dish that safely heats food in minutes—without the use of power or a microwave. Perfect for players on-the-go!   

But the food plan is not only good for the young athlete; it is good for the parents, too. Many moms and dads express guilt in not having time to provide home-made meals for their growing children. A child between 9 and 17 is growing at a rapid speed. Sports activities demand even more of the body, increasing the importance or proper nutrition. Most parents are aware of their child’s nutritional needs, but between work and other family obligations, feel there is just not enough time. Team Meals delivers food twice a week in secure cooled packaging that can be used for the week’s practices or weekend games. A parent has one less worry with this service. It’s ideal for everyone involved. 

So, what’s on this grand-slam menu at Team Meals? There are tasty dishes such as Fajita Bowls, Korean Pulled Chicken, Chicken Parm Burger and much more. Mid-game snacks include brownie bites that have 8-12 grams of protein, peanut butter balls, protein cookies and, believe it or not, protein Twinkies! All these items can be used as supplements, as well, and are offered at economical and competitive pricing.  


Once again, small-town Wellington produces another world-class talent in Nicholas Ferraro’s Team Meals. For ordering and more information, see

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